Please come visit me at my forever home: MomReviewThis.com

I’m just a mom. An honest, opinionated mom with very little “spare” time. I like reviewing products, books and more so others can use their time wisely on only the good stuff.

I have many hobbies and things I pull out to work on when the mood strikes.  I like lists and organizing things so I’ll just make you a list (somewhat from most important on down.)

  • Quilting & Sewing – You can read more about my sewing adventures at my other blog Sew Write Repeat.
  • Writing – I’m not published (yet) but I still enjoy using my imagination and putting it down in both historical and contemporary fiction.  You can read some about that on Sew Write Repeat as well.
  • Teaching – This probably seems like an odd ‘hobby’ to list here, but schooling my kids is a very important part of my day.  I love school supplies, lesson planning, and helping them learn.
  • Reading – I enjoy Christian and Inspirational Fiction as well as some study books.
  • Photography – I use a Canon T3 + variety of lenses.
  • Makeup & Hair – Give me $5 and I’m probably going to find something makeup related to buy with it.
  • Videography – With my GoPro Hero4 Silver I’m working on vlogging some of my reviews as well as making crazy videos of my family.
  • Baking – I’m no chef, but I do love to make desserts and sweet treats.
  • Painting – I took one of those social paint-with-a-friend classes and have been playing around with it some.
  • Technology – Devices abound in my house.  We have iPhones, iPad, MacBook (Air & Pro) and a Kindle.

I currently work with a variety of PR companies which send me products to review and spread the word about.  I have been reviewing products and books since 2010.  If you would like to see more reviews I have written my Amazon profile and Influenster profile are the best places.

*Please note: Not all reviews I post have been solicited by a company or PR rep.  I do buy products, use them, love/hate them and want to share my experiences.  If a post does not have a “Disclaimer” at the bottom, that review was written just because I felt like it and no compensation was involved.